9/11 sobs that still catch in my throat


I always liked to think I was tough. Not mushy or sentimental.

It’s a useful delusion.

But there are these sobs that ambush me sometimes, like little muggers jumping out of a dark alley .I know most of them by now…

bieger & farah

the Star Spangled Banner at a ball game…

a picture of an American soldier…

the song Danny Boy or the sound of bagpipes…

any baby picture of my kids…

Steph & Jim

a photograph of me and my late husband laughing.



And just about any of the photographs from September 11th, 2001.

I’ve come to understand it to be the sweet side of grief. The part that made me more human.

The Wall at Ground Zero

To all of those who lost their precious lives 10 years ago, to their families who have lived with an empty place at the table, to all of those firemen and police who risked everything to save the few they could, I want you to know that I wept for weeks 10 years ago, and even now, a sob for you still catches me off guard.


Stephanie Ericsson

© 2011 Stephanie Ericsson